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The boss

Spirit bear (Kermode), Great Bear Rainforest of Canada (BC). Probably one of the rarest bear of the planet: it is said that there are around 250 spirit bears in the wild. They are black bears with a creamy-white fur due to a recessive gene.

This male is truly outstanding and each of his entrance in the landscape is a moment that I can hardly describe. Every year, he is back in the same river to feast on salmon before the next winter. Along this coast, many top predator species are feeding on salmons: bears, wolves, killer whales, sea lions, etc. And even the trees are getting nutrients from the remaining dead salmons brought in the forest by predators. To protect the Great Bear Rainforest, we have to protect the wild salmon with a sustainable management of the stocks and to limit the development of massive industrial activities.

A world of thanks to my coast friends for these unique opportunities.

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