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Dolphins at home

Sharing these incredible moments at sea is something I love, and it´s even better and special when it´s with my parents (they have the same motivation than I have ;)). After fishing for a short period, dorsal fins could be seen on the horizon.

The monitoring of the bottlenose dolphins in the Channel Sea - which I have been involved for more than a decade - has always showed us that some resident groups were travelling through these waters. During the several tens of recreational trips at sea with my family, I could never stopped to scan the horizon hoping to catch one of this group. Last August, it finally happened: a group was less than 30 minutes of travel from our mooring. Thanks to the pictures of their dorsal fins, we now know that these dolphins are the resident ones from the Normano-Breton gulf population. An interesting sighting for the monitoring, knowledge and protection of this population.

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